Manatawny Releases Collaboration with Sly Fox Brewing

Manatawny Still Works Releases Nihilist Stout Whiskey

Pottstown’s Manatawny Still Works is partnering up with its Circle of Progress neighbor, Sly Fox Brewery to release a new whiskey. The whiskey starts with Sly Fox’s Nihilist Stout without the hops. It is then distilled and aged for more than three years in American oak. The whiskey is described as having notes of coffee and sweet malt.

500 bottles will be available for $45 per 750 ml bottle. The distillery is hosting a kickoff event on Sunday, March 8th and its Passyunk Tasting Room at noon. In addition to bottles for sale there will also be tastings and cocktails plus baked goods by Philadelphia chef Monica Glass that will be featuring the whiskey.

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Inquirer’s Craig LaBan Lists PA Spirits Among His Holiday Choices

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Craig LaBan lists Dad’s Hat’s Straight Rye and Manatawny’s Bottled in Bond in his list of the best whiskeys to buy this holiday season.

LaBan notes that age is helping both distilleries out, noting Dad’s Hat has recently bumped its Straight Rye from three to four years of age. He also notes that in Manatawny’s case, “[t]ime in a barrel is paying off for this rising distillery from Pottstown. “

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Manatawny Launching Exclusive Gin for Hungry Pigeon Restaurant

Hungry Pigeon in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia is routinely among the top restaurants in Philadelphia, most recently ranked #2 by Philadelphia magazine, and their cocktail program has utilized Manatawny Still Works’ gin heavily on its cocktail list. Now they’ve collaborated with the Pottstown distillery to create their own gin, aptly named Hungry PiGIN.

Hungry PiGIN will make its debut Thursday evening during the restaurant’s Prohibition Cocktail Party starting at 5 pm.

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Rarity Sale at Manatawny

Here’s a Black Friday sale worth doing a little stampeding for Manatawny Still Works is hosting a “Distiller’s Stash Sale” at their Pottstown distillery today they’re putting a lot of their low stock one-offs on sale

So if you’ve missed out on former releases like their Apple Brandy or the rare 3rd Anniversary Cask release, now is the chance to snag a bottle. And of course it won’t hurt to grab a bottle of the new Bottled in Bond release.

The Distiller’s Stash Sale is only available at the distillery. Doors open at noon.

Botttles available

Pennsylvania Mops Up at American Craft Spirits Association Awards

Ten different Pennsylvania distilleries combined for 35 medals at the American Craft Spirits Association’s awards ceremony for 2017. Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey led the way with a ridiculous 16 awards (15 bronze and one silver). Wigle alone won more medals than all but six other states.

With Wigle’s performance, Pennsylvania won 12 more awards than the next closest state, New York with 23.

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Manatawny Still Works Launches Latest in Small Batch Whiskey Series

This Saturday, Pottstown, PA’s Manatawny Still Works is releasing the latest in its Small Batch Whiskey Series. The series allows the distillery to play around with its mash bills, time aging and in this case, finishing the whiskey in port barrels from California’s Gandona Estate Winery.

This is the 13th release in the series and will only be available at the distillery and at select accounts that regularly carry Manatawny Still Works.

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Manatawny Still Works Gets Flagship Whiskey into PA Liquor Stores

Manatawny Still Works released its flagship aged Keystone Whiskey back in May of 2016 and now the Pottstown, PA based distillery is happy that the spirit is being carried in the state’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits shops.

A current search of the state’s system finds Keystone Whiskey in 27 stores, most located in and around Philadelphia. Expect more stores to get shipments in the coming weeks.

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