Wigle Wipes Up at 2021 American Craft Spirits Association Awards

Wigle Whiskey won 40, yes FORTY awards at the virtual 2021 American Craft Spirits Association Awards show last night. That includes six bronze medals, 17 silver medals and a gold in the Whiskey category alone.

But Wigle Whiskey wasn’t the only winner for the evening. Manatawny Still Works took home six medals including three silvers for whiskey. Revivalist Spirits made a solid showing with five medals and Washington County’s Liberty Pole Spirits added three medals to Pennsylvania’s medal count.

Delaware saw multiple medals from Dogfish Head Distillery and Painted Stave Distilling.

More analysis to follow.

Medals for Pennsylvania

Bronze Medal for Brandy

Brandywine Branch Distillers Resurgent Apple Brandy
Manatawny Still Works Apple Brandy

Silver Medal for Brandy

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Authentic Applejack
Wigle Apple Brandy
Wigle Peach Brandy

Bronze Medal for Distilled Spirit Specialty (DSS)

Wigle Absent Minded
Wigle Amara Vermut
Wigle Coffee Liqueur
Wigle Limoncello

Silver Medal for Distilled Spirit Specialty (DSS)

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon
Wigle Saffron Amaro

Bronze Medal for Gin

Brandywine Branch Distillers Revivalist Botanical Gin – Summertide Edition
Wigle Barrel Rested Gin

Silver Medal for Gin

Brandywine Branch Distillers The Revivalist Botanical Gin – Equinox Expression
Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Old Tom Gin
Wigle Gin

Bronze Medal for Ready to Drink (RTD)

Wigle Old Fashioned – Bourbon
Wigle Rye Old Fahsioned
Wigle Bird in Hand (“Sazerac”)
Wigle Manhattan

Bronze Medal for Rum

Wigle Landlocked Rum
Wigle Landlocked Spiced Rum
Wigle Dunder Rum

Bronze Medal for Whiskey

Brandywine Branch Distillers Resurgent Young American Bourbon
Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Bourbon Whiskey
Liberty Pole Spirits Rye Whiskey
Manatawny Still Works Scorpiones
Manatawny Still Works Select Four Grain
Wigle Walkabout Apple Flavored Whiskey
Wigle Hamilton Bourbon Reserve
Wigle Cinnamon Whiskey
Wigle Double Dutch
Wigle Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey
Wigle Deep Cut Cask Strength

Silver Medal for Whiskey

Brandywine Branch Distillers Resurgent Custom Cask Bourbon
Liberty Pole Spirits Peated Bourbon Whiskey
Manatawny Still Works Four Grain Whiskey
Manatawny Still Works Honey
Manatawny Still Works Bottled in Bond
Wigle Afterglow Ginger Flavored whiskey
Wigle Strip District Reserve
Wigle In the Woods
Wigle Single Barrel American Whiskey
Wigle Pennsylvania Straight Bourbon
Wigle Straight Wapsie Bourbon
Wigle Single Barrel Straight Bourbon
Wigle Madeira Cask Bourbon
Wigle Scotch Cask Finished Bourbon
Wigle Rudolph
Wigle Roasty
Wigle Northern Exposure
Wigle Deep Cut Bottled-in-Bond
Wigle Single Barrel Straight Rye
Wigle Sherry Cask Finished Rye
Wigle Port Rye
Wigle Scotch Cask Finished Whiskey

Gold Medal for Whiskey

Wigle Kilted Rye

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