Stepping Up The Packaged Cocktails Game

Since Governor Tom Wolf’s edict allowing bars, restaurants and distilleries to sell cocktails to go, we have seen the offerings and packaging get more and more sophisticated. And we’re not just talking about the canned cocktails. Check out some of the best pre-packaged cocktails to go that we’ve come across.

Boyd & Blair

Award winning potato vodka and cane rum are at the heart of these cocktails. The Pittsburgh based distillery offers six recipes including a daiquiri, Thai Chai Tea Mule (Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Chai Tea, ginger, allspice), Pomegranate Codder (Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, cranberry, pomegranate, lime), Blood Orange Cosmo (Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, blood orange, cranberry), Keystone Tea (Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Earl Gray Tea, lemonade) and Lavender Martini (Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, lavender syrup, lemon).

Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores, DC, MD, DE or Shipped to PA Residents | $12 to $24.99 | variable ABV

Boardroom Spirits

In addition to the canned cocktails Pennsy Local already told you about, Boardroom also offers just under 20 different cocktails in 750ml bottles.

Pickup, Local Delivery and Shipping to PA Residents | $30 to $45 for 750ml bottles | 18% to 42% ABV

Dad’s Hat Rye

When you make award winning rye, you certainly can make a tasty Old Fashioned and Manhattan. And those classic cocktails are now available in pocket format. And if you want something else that works right over rocks, try Dad’s 90 proof Hat’s Rock & Rye for $39.99 for 750ml (Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey, brown sugar steeped with rock candy, cloves, cinnamon sticks, horehound spice, chopped apricots, oranges and lemons).

Delivery | $29.99 for a 4-pack | 35% to 41.5% ABV

Eight Oaks Distillery

The New Tripoli Pennsylvania distillery is offering cocktails in everything from 8-ounce flask bottles to full-size 64 ounce growlers, and they will supply the growler. Cocktails include the classic Jack Rose, Peachy Keen (Eight Oaks Applejack, Peach nectar, iced tea, fresh lemonade) and Lavender Lemonade (Eight Oaks American Vodka, lemon, house-made lavender syrup, fresh lemonade).

Pickup | $6 to $39.99 | variable ABV

Philadelphia Distilling

Enjoy some of Philadelphia Distilling’s most popular gin cocktails from home. The pre-bottled cocktails are enough for three drinks and can be picked up at the distillery or delivered same day to much of Philadelphia. Enjoy an Aviation (Bluecoat American Gin, maraschino liqueur, Creme di Violette, lemon), 9th street (Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin, espresso, Fernet Branco, Campari, Cocchi di Torino), Dutch Courage No. 1 (Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin, honey syrup, Jack’s Aromatic Bitters, Jack’s Citrus Bitters) and Sparks Shot Tower (Bluecoat American Gin, lemon, beet, honey syrup, ginger syrup, Jack’s Black Cardamom Bitters). Philadelphia Distilling’s cocktails are made with fresh juice so keep them refrigerated.

Pickup and Local Delivery | $18 (enough for three cocktails) | variable ABV

Quantum Spirits

The Carnegie, PA distillery has a couple of batched cocktails for pickup. Choose the Neil Armstrong (Quantum Vodka, black tea, lemonade, mint simple syrup) or the Lemon Rhubarb Ginger (Quantum Vodka with lemon, rhubarb, ginger). Also consider Quantum’s “Bridge Boxes,” Quantum spirits paired with two quality mixers.

Pickup | $18, $33 to $47 for Bridge Boxes | variable ABV

Wigle Whiskey

Wigle has everything you need to make a great cocktail, from mixers, bitters, even great cherries and of course plenty of spirits, but if you just want to pour straight from a bottle to a glass, the Pittsburgh distillery can help you there too. The bottled Rye Old Fashioned Cocktail is periodically available in flask or full bottle. Just add ice.

Pickup or Shipping to PA Residents | $15 to $39 | 32.6% ABV

Of course many other Pennsylvania distilleries make cocktails to order and offer them to go. So definitely check out your local distillery to see what they’re offering. Maybe they’ll even have a frozen concoction for takeout.

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