Wigle Celebrates Groundhog Day

Phil's Shadow by Wigle Whiskey

Groundhog Day is Sunday, February 2nd and Wigle Whiskey is celebrating by releasing Phil’s Shadow Maple Barrel Finished Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey.

It’s the third year in a row that the Pittsburgh distillery is coming together with the Punxsutawney Groundhog’s Club to celebrate Groundhog’s Day. The Whiskey is Wigle’s organic Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey finished in maple syrup barrels for 16 months.

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Inquirer’s Craig LaBan Lists PA Spirits Among His Holiday Choices

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Craig LaBan lists Dad’s Hat’s Straight Rye and Manatawny’s Bottled in Bond in his list of the best whiskeys to buy this holiday season.

LaBan notes that age is helping both distilleries out, noting Dad’s Hat has recently bumped its Straight Rye from three to four years of age. He also notes that in Manatawny’s case, “[t]ime in a barrel is paying off for this rising distillery from Pottstown. “

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4th Run Of Yards/Philadelphia Distilling Whiskey Now Available for Pre-Order

Tough Broad Malt Whiskey

Philadelphia Distilling and Yards Brewing are releasing the fourth iteration of their collaborative whiskey. Bottles will be available on Sunday, December 8th. Bottles can be reserved online.

The whiskey begins as a malt forward brew of a recipe similar to Yards Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale and then sent over to Philadelphia Distilling for distillation and aging.

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A Spiced Hits Shelves This Weekend

Liberty Pole Spirits of Washington, PA doesn’t do too many special releases but they do have one scheduled for Saturday, November 16th

The distillery’s Spice Flavored Whiskey is going on sale on site and at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Libations the Aged Liberty Pole Rye has all-spice, cinnamon, orange peel and brown sugar blended in for a holiday treat.

This isn’t the only news out of Liberty Pole, earlier this month, the three-and-a-half year old distillery prepped its first straight (two-year aged) whiskey for bottling. Till now, the older whiskey had been blended with newer runs before bottling.

Manatawny Still Works Launches Latest in Small Batch Whiskey Series

This Saturday, Pottstown, PA’s Manatawny Still Works is releasing the latest in its Small Batch Whiskey Series. The series allows the distillery to play around with its mash bills, time aging and in this case, finishing the whiskey in port barrels from California’s Gandona Estate Winery.

This is the 13th release in the series and will only be available at the distillery and at select accounts that regularly carry Manatawny Still Works.

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