Wigle Adds Bottled Manhattan To Lineup

We raised an eyebrow when Wigle Whiskey announced the recent release of their bottled Old Fashioned was to be the last batch of the bottled cocktail for the year. That makes a bit more sense now that Wigle has released a Bottled Manhattan. The Manhattan begins with Wigle’s Organic Straight Rye Whiskey, adding Wigle Amaro Vermut and Wigle’s Pomander orange bitters to the recipe.

Bottles ae available at all Wigle locations including the recently opened Bakery Square location. And this weekend you can pair your bottle with a drive-through dinner for two of brown butter gnocchi. The $45 bottle is also available to be shipped across the Commonwealth.

Our other eyebrow was raised by something else in this release. The mention of Wigle’s Amaro Vermut. It hasn’t been released as a stand alone product, but there is a label Federally approved for the spirit. From the label we see that the amaro is infused with wormwood, cacao nibs, cinnamon and cloves. If it does make its own release, it will join Wigle’s award winning Saffron Amaro in Wigle’s never ending lineup.

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