Stoll & Wolfe Brings Rosen Rye Back from the Brink

Litiz, PA distiller Stoll & Wolfe has just announced a lottery to purchase the first 60 bottles of its Rosen Rye. The first PA produced Rosen Rye to be released in nearly three decades.

Rosen Rye is a heritage grain that had fallen out of use but was once a staple at the old Michter’s Distillery in Pennsylvania. Master distiller Dick Stoll may have been the last man to distill from the grain from before Michters closed its distillery in 1990. Now with the help of Laura Fields and her SeedSpark Campaign, the grain has found its way into Stoll & Wolfe’s latest whiskey.

And from now until February 28th, the interested can enter a lottery for the opportunity to purchase a 375 ml bottle of Rose Rye for $55. $25 of the purchase goes to Penn State’s Agriculture Department funding heritage grain research.

Customers who win will be notified on February 29th and will have 10 days to pick up the bottle from Stoll & Wolfe’s Tasting Room.

For more on the Rosen Rye story, check out this story by The Whiskey Wash.

Laura Fields’ Fields Foundation and SeedSpark are the beneficiaries of the upcoming American Whiskey Convention, set for April 3rd in Philadelphia.

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