Bluebird Plans Black Friday Triple Release

Phoenixville’s Bluebird Distilling is dropping three spirit releases on Black Friday, November 29th. Two of the releases are described as extremely limited (like 75bottles limited).

The releases are Bluebird’s Honey Whiskey, Single Malt finished in sherry casks and cask strength bourbon.

Details on the releases:

Bluebird Honey

  • 750ml bottles
  • 80 proof
  • $ 39.99
  • Bluebird Honey is made from their Four Grain Bourbon, Straight Rye and American Wheat Whiskey, then blended with local wild flower honey. The honey combines with the whiskey, creating rich floral notes of honey, caramel, vanilla and toffee.

Barrel Proof- Straight Four Grain Bourbon

  • 100 375 ml Bottles
  • 112 proof
  • $39.99
  • “We crack open one of our oldest barrels and bottle it as is!… Rough, Raw, Spicy and Uncut. “

PDX Sherry Cask Single Malt

  • 75 375 ml Bottles
  • $ 34.99
  • “4 Year Old American Single Malt- finished in world renowned PDX Sherry Barrels. We are amazed how this Single Malt has changed picking up the dark floral notes of the sherry and ancient wood, all while drying out. If you are a malt lover, this is a must.”

The release commences at Bluebird’s Phoenixville distillery at 9:30 am on Black Friday. There will be straight pours, specialty breakfast cocktails and as always, free donuts.

The Philadelphia bottle shop at Liberty Place will have a still yet to be set release of bottles beginning at 11:30 am.

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