UPROOTED: Art in the Age Ceasing ROOT, SNAP, SAGE and RHUBARB Production

Ch-ch-changes coming to Art in the Age. The liquers from Quaker City Mercantile’s Stephen Grasse will cease being produced. The spirits had been being contract produced by a Los Angeles distillery.

Art in the Age, is now focusing on new small-batch spirits it will make with its connection to Grasse’s New Hampshire-based Tamworth Distillery and Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distilling.  In a note posted to social media and on its webpage, Art in the Age laid out its future in products like Art in the Age Garden Infusions line of spirits.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood, the Art in the Age shop continues to shift from boutique to tasting room with a heavy dose of high-end bar supplies.

Interestingly, the Art in the Age Store will be able to sample and sell Tamworth Distilling products produced in New Hampshire but bottled at New Liberty in Philadelphia.

Due to recent changes in the state’s liquor laws, Pennsylvania spirits can be sold direct to consumers at distilleries and five satellite tasting rooms.

Below is the full note posted by Art in the Age about the changes.

Dear friends and fans of Art in the Age,

We are thrilled to announce that AITA is undergoing some exciting changes. When we first started out, craft distilling was in its infancy. In the years since, the industry has grown exponentially. The world changed, and so our business model changed too. We opened our own distillery in New Hampshire, released a series of small batch award-winning infusions, and recently began a new partnership with New Liberty Distilling in Philadelphia. As a result, we’ve decided to cease contract distilling out of Los Angeles and stop producing ROOT, SNAP, SAGE and RHUBARB tea. These spirits will be around while supplies last, so collect them while you can (and don’t be surprised if you see some familiar flavors in some of our future spirits). We’re now making spirits on our own, which was the spirit of the brand all along — unique, artful, scratch-made, small-batch products inspired by our history.

Our flagship store in Philadelphia, the Art in The Age tasting room will take center stage as a fully stocked home bar supply as well as the testing ground for our parent company, Quaker City Mercantile: the only place you can taste all of our newest innovations. In addition, it will soon serve as a designated “satellite location” for Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery, allowing us to also sell New Liberty’s products as well as new Art in the Age and Tamworth Distilling products bottled there.

Visit our newly-launched website for more information on the changes taking place: http://artintheage.com/visit.php

Thank you for your support over the years. We’re excited about this next step in our history and look forward to sharing it with you.

– the Art in the Age team

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