Wigle Launches Collaborative Old Sap, a Collaboration with Four Seasons Brewery

Wigle Whiskey is preparing to release their newest whiskey, Old Sap. It’s part of the Pittsburgh distillery’s Brewers Series and is a collaboration with Four Seasons Brewery in Latrobe, PA.

According to Wigle, the whiskey is inspired by “Four Season’s use of Belgian-style malts and yeast. Old Sap is distilled from malt and maple syrup before aging the spirit for more than two years.

Wigle is hosting a release party on January 27th. Tickets are $15 and include:

  • maple syrup sampling with the folks from Philson’s Bushel and a Peck Farm
  • live music
  • beer from Four Seasons Brewery
  • cocktail with Old Sap
  • spirit sampling and toast


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