Manatawny Still Works Launches Latest in Small Batch Whiskey Series

This Saturday, Pottstown, PA’s Manatawny Still Works is releasing the latest in its Small Batch Whiskey Series. The series allows the distillery to play around with its mash bills, time aging and in this case, finishing the whiskey in port barrels from California’s Gandona Estate Winery.

This is the 13th release in the series and will only be available at the distillery and at select accounts that regularly carry Manatawny Still Works.

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Wigle’s Afterglow Ginger Whiskey Returns

On Friday, February 17th, Wigle Whiskey is bringing back its AFTERGLOW seasonal ginger whiskey. The whiskey was developed in collaboration with Chatham University’s Food Studies Program and is made with baby ginger grown and Chatham’s Eden Hall Farm.

The ginger is lightly roasted and then soaked in four-grain whiskey for 5 days. After the steeping, Wigle mixes in some organic brown sugar and bottles it at 82-proof.

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Boardroom Spirits Prepares To Release Ginger Vodka

Boardroom Spirits out of Lansdale, PA is teasing out a new product release via Instagram. The graphic includes a fresh piece of ginger and the date of Friday, February 3rd.

Reliable sources tell Pennsy Local that Boardroom is preparing to release a flavored vodka made with fresh ginger. The potent potable will certainly make a Moscow Mule pop.

Mark your calendars now.

Wigle Launches Collaborative Old Sap, a Collaboration with Four Seasons Brewery

Wigle Whiskey is preparing to release their newest whiskey, Old Sap. It’s part of the Pittsburgh distillery’s Brewers Series and is a collaboration with Four Seasons Brewery in Latrobe, PA.

According to Wigle, the whiskey is inspired by “Four Season’s use of Belgian-style malts and yeast. Old Sap is distilled from malt and maple syrup before aging the spirit for more than two years.

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