Distilleries Offering Local Delivery

Upper Darby Police inspect about $72,000 in liquor seized during a raid. 1930

In these crazy times Pennsylvania distilleries are often reinventing their business models. One of the consumer friendly enhancements some distilleries have made is the addition of local delivery. Typically it means small or no minimums, cheaper delivery fees than shipping and sometimes arrival of the spirits to your front door on the same day. In accordance to Pennsylvania law, all deliveries must be received by someone 21 or older with valid ID. We’ve come a long way from the days of bootleggers and rum runners.

Just remember to tip well.

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Crostwater Bourbon Returns

Crostwater Bourbon Bottle

Weekends are typically the time when distilleries release spirits but Crostwater Distilled Spirits in Lewisberry, PA (just south of Harrisburg) is going with a Monday release. Today, August 31st, they are releasing a new batch of their Crostwater Bourbon. Made with Pennsylvania corn and a mash that also contains rye and malted barley, the bourbon is aged at least a year before bottling.

Described as having notes of lingering sweet caramel with “smokey notes on the nose and the back of your throat. It is not harsh or bitey. “

Available for pickup or local delivery, Crostwater Bourbon is $39.99 (80 proof). Due to the small batch size, the distillery is not taking pre-orders.

Crostwater already has October 16th marked on its calendar for a rye whiskey release and is also working on a bottle Pennsy Local has a well know weakness for, a version of the Pennsylvania classic, Rock-N-Rye.