Available Now: Boardroom Spirits Nocino Liqueur

Boardroom Spirits Nocino

Nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur made from green walnuts is also a seasonal custom at Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits. And Boardroom’s Nocino is back and available for online purchase.

Boardroom’s family recipe blends spices and wildflower honey with the nutty liqueur. The 56 proof spirit is $39.99 per bottle and is available for pickup, local delivery and shipping across Pennsylvania. Get a tasty bottle for the holidays. Two if you have problems with sharing.

Boardroom Spirits Releases Vanilla Vodka

Boardroom Vanilla Flavored Vodka

We’re going to be excited anytime a lemur shows up on the label of a new spirit. We’re going to be doubly excited when we see it is vanilla flavored and comes from Boardroom Spirits.

In celebration of National Vodka Day (Sunday, October 4th in case it isn’t already on your calendar), Boardroom Spirits is releasing Vanilla Flavored Vodka for $26.99 per 750 ml bottle. The vodka, like all of Boardroom’s flavored vodkas is made with real ingredients. In this case the vodka is enhanced with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and then slightly sweetened. The vodka can be the star of a dessert cocktail or enjoyed ice cold, up or on the rocks.

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Distilleries Offering Local Delivery

Upper Darby Police inspect about $72,000 in liquor seized during a raid. 1930

In these crazy times Pennsylvania distilleries are often reinventing their business models. One of the consumer friendly enhancements some distilleries have made is the addition of local delivery. Typically it means small or no minimums, cheaper delivery fees than shipping and sometimes arrival of the spirits to your front door on the same day. In accordance to Pennsylvania law, all deliveries must be received by someone 21 or older with valid ID. We’ve come a long way from the days of bootleggers and rum runners.

Just remember to tip well.

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Cans, Cans, Everywhere There Are Cans

Maggie's Farm Rum Cocktails in Cans

Yesterday we let slip that we’re a bit obsessed with cocktails in cans. Portable, easily iced, enjoyed on the go, what’s not to like? Not much unless you’re the actual distiller who has to figure out carbonation, canning, procuring and storing cans, producing labels and a public that isn’t familiar with the format, not to mention competing directly with the beast that is hard seltzer. But despite all of that, and yes the pesky pandemic, we are seeing more and more Pennsylvania distillers putting cocktails in cans.

Here are the Pennsylvania distillers producing canned cocktails for sale. Let us know if we missed any.

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Boardroom Spirits Launches Canned Cocktails

Boardroom Canned Cocktails

We here at Pennsy Local have a real soft spot for canned cocktails. It goes back to the first time we opened an ice-cold gin and tonic in a can. It felt so natural, tasted so good, and could go just about anywhere.

So it is great excitement that we report that Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits is launching not one, but three canned vodka and soda cocktails.

Each of the canned cocktails is made with Boardroom’s eye-opening vodkas, real fruit and purified water. The cans are sold in four-packs for $12.99 and come in at a crushable 4.5% ABV and 99 calories.

The three vodka and sodas are:

  • Pineapple Ginger Vodka & Soda
  • Cranberry Lime Vodka & Soda
  • Grapefruit Citrus Vodka & Soda

The Boardroom canned Vodka & Sodas are available for purchase online, for delivery, or pickup.

Boardroom Spirits Prepares To Release Ginger Vodka

Boardroom Spirits out of Lansdale, PA is teasing out a new product release via Instagram. The graphic includes a fresh piece of ginger and the date of Friday, February 3rd.

Reliable sources tell Pennsy Local that Boardroom is preparing to release a flavored vodka made with fresh ginger. The potent potable will certainly make a Moscow Mule pop.

Mark your calendars now.