PA Distillers Making Hand Sanitizer

Even before the Federal Government gave them the green light, several Pennsylvania distillers were moving from spirits production to making hand sanitizer, a suddenly in demand product that even hospitals are openly requesting.

Among the first was Lehigh Valley’s Eight Oaks Distilery. The switch has even been documented by the Associated Press and Popular Mechanics.

Pittsburgh’s Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery has also been vocally documenting their move to manufacture hand sanitizer and just delivered seventy gallons to Pittsburgh Public Safety which includes police, fire and EMS workers.

Most of the distilleries mentioned below are basing their recipes on World Health Organization’s guidelines. And although producing the high proof alcohol is within the reach of most distillers, securing the other ingredients and containers have been issues for several.

Here is a list of Pennsylvania distilleries producing hand sanitizer (and surface disinfectant) and here’s how an organization or in some cases the public can get it:

Updated, 3/30/2020

Photograph: Pittsburgh Public Health bottling hand sanitizer manufactured by Maggie’s Farm (Twitter)

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