Quantum Spirits Adds Sweet Vermouth to Lineup

Quantum Spirits releases Pennsylvania Vermouth

Carnegie, PA’s Quantum Spirits has just released its first Sweet Vermouth ($26 for 750 ml, 22%ABV). The Pennsylvania produced vermouth, Marquette Liqueur is described as “well balanced and perfectly viscous, notes of berries, bright fruit, herbs and rooibos shine through.”

And what do you do if you have a vermouth and an amaro in your liquor lineup? Why you start offering cocktail bottle kits of course.

Quantum is now offering a Manhattan Bottle Kit ($55 for a bottle of Quantum Solera Rye and Marquette Liqueur) and a “Nerdgroni” Bottle Kit ($80 for a bottle of Quantum Gin, Quantum Amaro and Marquette Liqueur).